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Valentino Shoes extend their

Le 27 April 2016, 09:58 dans Humeurs 0

Chances are you've got a pair of go-to boots that took you through the winter months. And, most likely, they're more beat-up than broken in, but you don't have the heart to throw them out. Resist heading toward the garbage! Inspired by these pastel galaxy booties from Anthropologie, we decided to slap some acrylic on ours to Valentino Shoes extend their lifespan.

Painting leather may seem like a taboo move, but we totally went there and created some kicks that are Peter Pan meets Monet. We know they won't last for too much longer (cracking is inevitable), but they'll certainly go out with a bang! Click on for the DIY tips to transform Valentino Shoes Online yours. 

Valentino Shoes holiday season

Le 27 April 2016, 09:52 dans Humeurs 0

Like clockwork, every Valentino Shoes holiday season not only induces the stress and excitement of gift-giving, culinary temptation, and travel, but also more serious thoughts of personal evolution as the new year approaches. Inevitably, for many, that will include the urge to upgrade their careers. So, if a job change is on your mind, and youu2019re interested in retail positions that offer real earning potential and upward mobility, check out Glassdooru2019s list of the 50 best companies to work for right now. The criteria? Employee satisfaction and long-term possibility for growth. While no one earned a perfect 5.0 score, several companies came close, including the top five below.

Employees say: </strong>The members-only club takes the top spot, thanks to its u201cfamilyu201d atmosphere Cheap Valentino Shoes and upwardly mobile infrastructure. If you do good work within Costcou2019s warehouse u2014 where most employees cut their teeth in merchandising u2014 thereu2019s a strong chance you can move upward and outward to other areas like the accounting, buying, graphic arts, journalism, and legal departments.

Employees say:</strong> Good pay, "nice" discount, room for advancement, cooperative upper management, and overall good vibes. And, parent company Nordstrom is actually #8 on the list, as well, so the Seattle-based department-store empire is clearly doing something right.


Employees say: </strong>That itu2019s a u201ccareer-orientedu201d company with u201cawesomeu201d clothes and favorable discounts. Most people who work here are proud and in it for the long haul. nEmployees say:</strong> Premium beauty goods at major discounts u2014 or, even better, sometimes they get them for free. They also enjoy a sense of healthy competition and being rewarded for good work